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 [26.12.11][News] JunJin's Taiwan Fanmeet

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PostSubject: [26.12.11][News] JunJin's Taiwan Fanmeet   Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:45 am

JunJin spent Christmas with 1000 fans in Taiwan for the first time.
He sang "바보처럼""날사랑해라" and more, singing 6 songs in total, and also uses mandarin to greet the fans. Fans wrote down their wishes to JunJin on a card and hung it on the Christmas tree, with some wishing that he would drink lesser. JunJin claims that he do not really love to drink, and uses mandarin to say:" zhen de! zhen de! (really! really!)" He also dressed as Santa Claus.

credit: 自由时报 + SHCN @ weibo

JunJin was said to be able to drink 15 bottles of Soju. He cry out that he is innocent when fans told me not to drink, claiming that Eric and Hyesung force him to drink. He added on that he is planning to quit drinking, but two days ago, Hyesung called him to go for Shinhwa year end gathering and he had no choice but to drink again. "So frustrated, no one believe me!" Shinhwa will comeback on 24th March. Members are busy recording, meeting at least 4 times a week

credit: 中国时报 + SHCN @ weibo

JunJin was a little unable to fend off fans' wishes of asking him to dance T.O.P, to drink lesser etc.
He mention that whenever someone ask the members who love to drink, they will all point at him. He revealed that two days ago he drank, Shin Hye Sung called him out, Eric asked him to drink, and Minwoo joined in together with Eric. JunJin laughed saying:"I am forced to drink." JunJin also revealed that the members are meeting at least 4 times a week.

credit: YES + SHCN @ weibo

JunJin spent Christmas with fans in taiwan. The fanmeeting was filled with orange balloons. On that day, JunJin sang "바보처럼""날사랑해라" and more, and also prepared surprise gifts for lucky fans. JunJin also had talk with fans. He mentioned that this is his first time spending Christmas with fans and it will be a memorable one, also mentioning Shinhwa' comeback.

Credit: tvdaily + SHCN @ weibo
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[26.12.11][News] JunJin's Taiwan Fanmeet
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