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 [26.12.11] Shin Hye Sung "Goodbye Greeting" Lyrics + Review

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PostSubject: [26.12.11] Shin Hye Sung "Goodbye Greeting" Lyrics + Review    Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:40 am

A song that decorates the last of the album just like the title.
It sings of saying goodbye forever to memories one can't escape. The song's form and sounds become more dynamic along with the emotions of the singer.
The singer, who in the beginning sings calmly, leaves a trace that lingers by singing his honest emotions in the last chorus.
It layers strong modern sounds on a standard 90s ballad form.

credit: shinbiz for translations +
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[26.12.11] Shin Hye Sung "Goodbye Greeting" Lyrics + Review
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