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 [27.12.11][Interview][Mnet Pick] Shin Hye Sung, Beyond idol, a musician born again

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PostSubject: [27.12.11][Interview][Mnet Pick] Shin Hye Sung, Beyond idol, a musician born again   Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:44 pm

Beyond idol, Shin Hye Sung has born again as a musician with love and emotions, releases a special album "Embrace". Im Heon Il from modern rock group "Mate" wrote the lyrics. In charge of the whole composition of this special album "Embrace" was indie group "Wallace". And, best bassist Yang Shi On. One of the best pianist talented musician Choi Go Hee, and Kim Jeong Ah from modern rock group "Media Cloud". Singer and co-writer arranger Park Ah Sel also participated in the string arrangements, making it a new challenge for Shin Hye Sung.

Although, a bit strange "major" and "indie" meet! rather than 'ballads' a new 'modern rock' album emerged! Somehow, Shin Hye Sung didnt chose the same but rather a mix of 'indie' and 'modern rock' (keyword). His new album is expected to 'embrace', like an omnibus watch in story of a movie, this new album talks about 'embrace' like in an idol who is shaping up to be a true musician, "Shin Hye Sung". Explore the story of his music captured on Mnet.

[Interview] Shin Hye Sung new modern rock album! And Emotional Omnibus

1.Many <Mnet Out> fans are curious about the new album 'embrace' released on December 27. Please say something to the fan Outs who waited on "Mnet Out"

Hello. This is Shin Hye Sung. First of all, you heard the news about the new album, Im happy because we can meet on <Mnet Out>, also, <Mnet Out> I heard many people are have shown a lot of interest for my new album and I really appreciate it.

2.Please give us an introduction of your new album 'embrace'

This new album released 'embrace' as the title states it contains a variety of processes. From track 1. to track 7. the album concept is about an emotional omnibus like a story in a movie. In particular, for this album great artists were involved in each segment. First, 'Im Heon Il' member of modern group "Mate" join us and wrote all lyrics. Indie band "Wallace" member and bassist 'Yang Shi On'. Modern and talented pianist from modern rock band "Media Cloud" 'Kim Jeong Ah'. Singer and song-writer and, string arranger 'Park Ah Sel'. Also, singer-songwriter 'Park Ji Yoon ', who together with Shin Hye Sung sing a duet. It was so much fun to work , we had a meaningful time together preparing for this album. I want to take this opportunity to say hello and thank again all those people who participated in this album.

3. I heard you will spend the last day of 2011 with fans. “The Year`’s Journey” please tell us about it.

I want to thank my fans who supported me from the begining of 2011 and wanted to finish with a great show. We planned this year-end concert keeping in mind that we can't send gifts to each other so this specical day we will share love and cheer with the fans. Im also thrilled to all the love fans has given me too. In addition, as a special guests in the concert will be Shinhwa's 'Eric and Jun Jin'. Songs from album 'embrace' will be performed for the first time. Great performances are much more are ready for you to see. You can also expect many more things ~ ~ ~ ~ This is going to be good. ^ ^

4. We have not seen Shinhwa on stage in a long time, many fans and people seem to be looking forward and waiting for Shinhwa's comeback. Please give us news about 'Shinhwa'

In 2012 Shinhwa will be celebrating the 14th Anniverssary from our debut. Shinhwa members are really looking forward to meet everyone who has being waiting for a long time. Those fans who waited for such a long time, it will be cool~~Please wait a little longer ^ ^ ~.

5. <Mnet Out>

On December 27 I want to present to you new album 'embrace' for which I have been preparing for a long time. <Mnet Out> To those who listen to the album and hope you like it. I will try to continue to grow in music and Shin Hye Sung will strive to become a better artist. Please, give it a lot of support. Thank You.

Source: Mnet Special
Credit: Shinhwa Nation
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[27.12.11][Interview][Mnet Pick] Shin Hye Sung, Beyond idol, a musician born again
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