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 [31.12.11] Minwoo FB 2 posts

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PostSubject: [31.12.11] Minwoo FB 2 posts   Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:32 pm

Eric : Fire~!
Minwoo : Okay
Junjin : Everyone, receive lots of blessings ♥️_♥️
Hyesung : Please receive lots of blessings (aka happy new year) Wink
Minwoo : Next year, it is said to be a good year for goat. Since there are 4 of us (who are goats), it will be awesome~ Receive lots of blessings love you~♥️ everyone
Hyesung : Goat goat goat

Our King too~ Happy New Year~^^

credit: Minwoo’s FB & (for translations)
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[31.12.11] Minwoo FB 2 posts
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