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 [7.1.12] Andy 6.1.12 Beijing Press Con Q & A

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PostSubject: [7.1.12] Andy 6.1.12 Beijing Press Con Q & A   Sat Jan 07, 2012 7:04 am

Q1. For Shinhwa Asia tour this year, other than Shanghai stop, is there any plans for other stops in China like Beijing?
A1. It is confirmed that there will be one in Shanghai on April 30th. The rest are still unconfirmed.

Q2. Shinhwa's 10th album, other than concert tours, will Shinhwa join music shows, variety shows and other activities?
A2. There should be after March.

Q3. Any plans for solo? Like having another album, dramas or musical?
A3. Solo plans will be after Shinhwa activities. There should be a variety of activities.

Q4. Members views towards your new hair style?
A4. I was called ahjussi during military. To get rid of ahjussi image, i decided to dye my hair. (didnt answer the question)

Q5. Hows your drinking capacity? When is the last time you and members went drinking?
A5. The most recent time was in December, cannot remember the exact date. Drinking capacity is different everytime, maximum 5 cups, if more than 5, i will sleep immediately.

Q6. Eric is also holding his Shanghai fanmeet on the same day, did you two contact each other to chat about this?
A6. I only knew about Eric Shanghai fanmeet a few days before. It is because lately, whenever Shinhwa meetup, it is to prepare for the 10th album. Solo activities are rather packed, so we didnt chat about all these.

Q7. Will you come to China for drama filming? Any plans to cast in movies?
A7. If there is invitation, I will.

Q8. What kind of Chinese food or Beijing snacks would you want to eat most?
A8. Steamboat

Q9. For musicals, if you were to continue to star in musicals, what kind of musical theme do you prefer?
A9. In the past, it is all love theme. I hope for my next musical, it will be a different theme.

Q10. Where do you want to go play in Beijing?
A10. Feel like going everywhere.

Q11. Regarding the fanmeet
A11. I have a lot that i want to showcase to everyone.

Q12. Your usual role. Do you play the role of Shinhwa's maknae or President more?
A12. Both? Please support Teen Top, they have just release their new album, Come Back.

credit: 小猪亲亲@D久天长中文网Andy4ever
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[7.1.12] Andy 6.1.12 Beijing Press Con Q & A
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