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 [17.1.12] Andy “After discharge, I realise females..."

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PostSubject: [17.1.12] Andy “After discharge, I realise females..."   Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:38 pm

"Number of male fans increase after discharge. Leadership skills increase, and become more talktative."

Andy(Shinhwa), the only member in the group to serve in active duties, laughed saying "Before military, most of my fans are females. After military, the number of male fans increased."

I chanced upon Andy at a coffee house at Sinsa-dong, Gangnam on the 16th. Enlisted in 2010 and discharged lsat year October, Andy was the squad leader of Defense Media Agency.

"Being the squad leader, I have to guide people from all walks of life thus enhancing my leadership skills.""In the past, there is a restricted number of people that I will be meeting, not being able to understand the society well. But now, the range of interpersonal relationship become wider."

The first person that the hoobaes would want to meet during their break time will be Andy. No matter how late his work will end, he will try his best to take care of them.

Although Andy gave up his American citizenship for military, but his international school qualification wasnt being recognised, resulting him to be judge based on a fourth grade officer . After three rounds of challenge, he finally passed high school graduation exams, allowing him to be be able to serve active duty.

He mentioned that military allowed him to develop friendship, and also become more mature. Even if he is not good in expressing his feelings, Andy wrote his first letter expressing his feelings to his parents.

The toughest times during military was when he was required to carry an equpiment bag weighing 35kg in winter period. "There are times when I felt like hiding in the bathroom and cry""My hands felt like breaking whenever we had to pitch and nail the tents." Andy recalled. The memories of using a piece of wet cloth to clean the face and changing the clothes filled with mud into a clean set were unforgettable too.

With the Asia fanmeet that was held after discharge, everyone's assessment of him have changed. Being the youngest in Shinhwa, from a shy and introvert "Shy Boy" to one that is talkative and keen personality.

Coming March, all Shinhwa members would have completed their military service. Andy is currently busy preparing for the concerts. Shinhwa comeback concert will be held on March 24.
"Standing on stage after discharge inevitably made him nervous, but being a member of Shinhwa, he wished to put on his very best, till the end."he vowed.

credit: hankyung news
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[17.1.12] Andy “After discharge, I realise females..."
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