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 [18.1.12][News] Shinhwa's comeback "All In"...Acting Activites "All Stop"

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PostSubject: [18.1.12][News] Shinhwa's comeback "All In"...Acting Activites "All Stop"   Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:00 pm

Singer and actor Eric will temporarily stop his acting career and concentrate in preparing for Shinhwa's comeback.

With Shinhwa's comeback in March, Eric and the members are busy preparing for the 10th album.

Eric has been constantly receiving invitations for acting projects after "Spy Myungwol" which ended on September last year.

However, with the album commemorating the 14th anniversary of Shinhwa and is released after 3 years and 8 months, Eric decided to reject all acting invitations and concentrate on music.

It is understood that Eric wants to focus on Shinhwa's album, concerts and promotional activites during the comeback period.

Representatives of Eric stated " It is not only ERic, but all members of Shinhwa that are giving their best for the upcoming album. Although Shinhwa may be the longest running group that has debuted for 14 years, but they felt as if they were rookies who are going to debut."

According to representatives, Shinhwa will meet at least once a week to discuss about the album. THe members are busy selecting the title track and the other song selections. Also, Shinhwa will be holding their Asia Tour starting March 24th and the members are rehearsing for it.

Shinhwa will be working on the cover photoshoot and music video filming in Feburary, stepping up for their comeback preparation.

credit: Star In
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[18.1.12][News] Shinhwa's comeback "All In"...Acting Activites "All Stop"
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