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 [24.1.12] Various News reports of Andy on "Star Affection Village"

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PostSubject: [24.1.12] Various News reports of Andy on "Star Affection Village"   Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:42 pm

Number 4 Andy's bizarre behaviour has aroused the curiousity of Number 5 female contestant.

SBS "Star Affection Village" broadcast on the 24th showed actors Han Jeong Soo, Park Jae Jeong, Shin Ji Soo, Yoo Min, singers Andy, Lee Hyun and Rainbow's Jae Kyung finding their perfect “match” for each other.

On this day, Andy (number 4) and Yu Hye Yeong (number 5) went to the mall together.

During interview, she stated:" I am curious what kind of person is male contestant number 4. After checking the meat quality, he got excited picking the vegetables to wrap the meat. At that time, I was wondering why will there be such person existing." showing her curiousity toward Andy.

Later, both of them prepared dinner together, resulting in subtle atmosphere between the two.

On "Star Affection Village" number 4 male contestant Andy went to the residence of the female contestants to have a question & answer time with them during midnight.

When asked "How did you avoid being notice by the public when dating?", Andy frankly answered "8 years ago, there cant be any scandals of me and female artists that i am dating, so i had to disguise and go overseas."

He was asked by another " How many porn videos will you watch in a week." Andy startled and replied "truthfully speaking, i dont have time to watch."

Andy is also requested to dance sexy dance using chair. He concealed his fear and performed one part of the dance. After dancing, he ran out embarrassedly hiding his face in his jacket.

After spending 2D1N together at Jeju-do, 3 couples were born. After struggling choosing between Andy(number 4) and Lee Hyun(number 6), Kim Yun Seo chose Lee Hyun instead of Andy, whom she had good impressions of.

credit: star news, review star, tv daily, newsen
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[24.1.12] Various News reports of Andy on "Star Affection Village"
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