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 [Fan Account - Andy Birthday Fanmeet]

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PostSubject: [Fan Account - Andy Birthday Fanmeet]    Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:23 pm

Andy mention that he is scared of Hyesung.

After his discharge, Hyesung called him and say that the two of them never went for a drink together before(just the two of them), when there is a chance, they have to go drinking.

There was once when the 6 of them agreed to meet up. Andy was the first to reach. He waited for the rest and about 40 minutes later, JunJin called to tell him that he is too tired and will not be coming. A while later, Eric, Minwoo and Dongwan arrive, and asked wheres Hyesung. Andy said that hes still waiting for Hyesung.

Everyone sent messages to Hyesung, asking him why did he let Andy wait alone, and the conversation contains lots of vulgarities. In the end Hyesung did not come. He called Andy saying hes sorry, theres something on last minute, the two of us just go drinking the next time. Andy was angry so he refuse to pick up Hyesung's calls to him. Since then, Andy said that whenever he see Hyesung's name appearing on the phone screen, he will be nervous.

March 24th

Andy was asked when he will be thinking of fans. He replied that whenever its March 24th. Andy was entitled to a break on March 24th 2010, so the 6 of them went to have a drink. All of them were drunk and kept on saying "We have to make a comeback".

Andy's house

There isnt any curtain blinds in Andy's house, so Andy used aluminium foil as 'curtains"

Shinhwa's kakaotalk conversation

As all members are busy and its hard to hold a meeting, they will use kakaotalk for meetings. There will be 400 messages in a day! They often talk unnecessary stuff. The host ask so what are some of the conversations. Fans all replied vulgarities!!

Andy was mistaken as Eric

There was once in Busan where Andy went to buy swimming costume. The shop owner saw Andy and said "I've been watching your dramas lately""Been watching Eric ssi."
Andy, who is used to being mistaken as Eric replied "Yes, I am working hard."

Shinhwa's comeback

He mention that Shinhwa have recorded half of the album, they have not finalise the title song and dance choreography. They will be filming MV and also shooting for the album cover.
Shinhwa's comeback press conference will be held after Minwoo discharge. Shinhwa will also be attending many variety shows like "Happy Together" and will have Shinhwa Show. If the ratings and responses for Shinhwa Show is good, the show will continue.
They will be promoting for the 10th album for around 3 months.

Andy has 'Shinhwa disease'

Andy and the host once went Busan for vacation. (Andy and the host are seniors and juniors in military)
In the morning, the host was hungry so he decided to buy food to eat. Andy woke up and found the host missing, hence he gave the host a call.
Andy: Where are you
Host: I am eating fried chicken now, come here.
Andy: Wait for me. I will go there.

The host bought lots of fried chicken and wait for Andy to appear.

Andy called the host again "Ah! There are 40 people following me. I am not wearing cap, and no sunglasses. What I am going to do..."
The host told Andy that he will go over to his side. He carried his whole bag of fried chickens and when he reach, he realise there was not a single soul behind Andy.

-The host said that in military, Andy is really charismatic and has leadership, just like King Sejong.

-Andy opened almost 80% of the presents that fans give, and read all letters. He mentioned that in military, he will read all the letters given to him.

-6 fans are chosen and they get a hug, back hug, polarid shot with Andy.

-Encore is replaced with handshake with Andy.

credit: 六扇门-蝈巨侠 @ weibo + SHCN +
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[Fan Account - Andy Birthday Fanmeet]
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