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 Shin Hye Sung New Album "Embrace"

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PostSubject: Shin Hye Sung New Album "Embrace"   Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:29 pm

On December 27, singer, Shin Hye Sung will be releasing a new special album titled "Embrace". This will be a collaboration with Indie musicians.

At his encore concert held back in September, Shin Hye sung gave clues about the modern rock color of his new upcoming album by singing songs "Longing" and "Think about it" from his 4th album. Both songs were written by Mate member Lim Hein Il.

All of the songs for his special album were written by Lim Heon Il. The album will also showcase other indie concepts like an Indie band Walrus bassist yang So On, Dear Cloud's pianist Kim Jung Ah and, Singer and Songwriter Park Ah Sel.

This was Lim's last work. He worked on Shin Hye Sung's album up until just before his enlistment in early 2011.

Lim Heon Il stated, "In the flood of K-pop, the interest and challenge that Senior Idol Musician Shin Hye Sung showed towards new music gave me the strength when I was having a hard time during my military enlistment. Watching his passion helped me have fun while working on his new album".

"Embrace" will be an appealing and different collaboration with Shin Hye Sung along with Indie musicians, it will showcase a more extended rainbow of music, he will transition from a member of an idol group to a true musician.

Shin Hye Sung is currently working on the final touches on his new album, and also preparing for his "Years Journey's" concert titled 2011-2012 SHIN HYE SUNG CONCERT-THE YEAR'S JOURNEY. Shin Hye Sung will be performing the songs from his special album for this first time in his year-end concert.

In addition, fellow members Eric and Jun Jin will appear as special guests for the 2 days concerts.

Credit: Shinhwa Nation
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Shin Hye Sung New Album "Embrace"
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