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 [22.2.12][DongWan Naver] Descendant

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PostSubject: [22.2.12][DongWan Naver] Descendant   Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:03 pm

Movie "Descendant"

"They happily got married"
"His dream finally came true and became a singer"
Stories always end in this manner.

Whether dreams came true or getting married,
the long period of time where they waited with a mixed of pain and happiness
stories never mention about them... because it will be so boring.

Theres a possibility of everyone Winning once, but it is impossible to win always.
Temporarily happiness is possible, but it’s impossible to be happy until the day you die.
How to deal with misfortune...
How to treat enemies...
The stories have to be told.
More than winning...we need to be told how to deal with it.
Althought it might not be the accurate answer,
we will be comforted to know that "Unlike happy ending in movies, my life isnt a failure."..

The Descendant gives us an idea~ Although it can be a little slow...
But the daughter is really pretty, difficult to concentrate...-0-/

credit: Dongwan naverblog
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[22.2.12][DongWan Naver] Descendant
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