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 [12.02.25][News] "We are Shinhwa!"

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PostSubject: [12.02.25][News] "We are Shinhwa!"   Sun Feb 26, 2012 4:31 am

When you hear the word "Shinhwa" what first comes up in your mind? Greek Roman mythology? Let me give you a hint! "6" and "19980324".If these seems like a code to you, one last hint, "We are Shinhwa!"
Thats right, its that Shinhwa. March 24 1998 six men that debuted, that group Shinhwa (Eric, Lee MIn Woo, Kim DongWAn, JunJin, Shin Hye Sung, Andy)

<Oh My Star> is preparing for "Shinhwa special" this March 2012, where the flowers start blooming. Everyday will be filled with news related to "Shinhwa" from beginning till the end. News of the 10th album's style and concept, interviews wth fanclub SHinhwa Changjo, Teen Top, the group that Andy produce, Stellar, Eric's girl group who have captured the hearts of 10-20 year olds.

We are giving fans who have stayed with Shinhwa for more than 10 years an opportunity to ride on the time machine and say "back then they were like that" and giving public the opportunity to realise that "Shinhwa is coming back." Members are also able proudly say it out loud "We have not disappeared. We still got it."

Please look forward to "Shinhwa special edition" on <Oh My Star> on Feb 26th.

credit: Oh My News
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[12.02.25][News] "We are Shinhwa!"
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