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 [26.2.12][News] Shinhwa's concept "Simple yet luxurious"

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PostSubject: [26.2.12][News] Shinhwa's concept "Simple yet luxurious"   Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:00 pm

Shinhwa is back. The 6 handsome guys. As veterans in the music industry, in what manner will they present themselves to let the fans hearts flutter?
Although we want to know what will be their title track, we are also curious what will be their stylish stage outfits and style that will captivate the audience.

"Shinhwa used to dress in idol style stage outfits, everyone now knows Shinhwa. They are godfathers of the kpop industry, hence their concept will be simple yet luxurious." Park Ji Young explained Shinhwa's simple yet luxurious concept.

She continued "I feel that SHinhwa doesnt need to dress in those flamboyant stage outfits like how other idols do.""Shinhwa members are already shining, they do not need bling bling stage outfits."

Park Ji Young will be working with G.I.L Homme designer Seo Eun Gil desiging Shinhwa's comeback outfits. She stated "We will be using different fabric, trying out the colors and will be presenting to everyone a style that suits Shinhwa.


source: ohmynews
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[26.2.12][News] Shinhwa's concept "Simple yet luxurious"
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