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 [28.2.12][News] Spending 14 years loving Shinhwa

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PostSubject: [28.2.12][News] Spending 14 years loving Shinhwa   Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:25 pm

You might not know Greek Roman myths, but if its group Shinhwa, you will remember clearly the names of their pet dogs.

When you hear Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" playing, you will want to immediately continue with a rap and shouting "Twinkling Of Paradise". Favourite colour is obviously orange; taking out the "raincoat" and wear even if it is not raining. In your high school days, writing fan fics and careully considering whether you should take on creative writing.

Shinhwa fans, lets recapture the past 14 years of "fan life".

Collection of information in 14 years, sufficient to open a museum!

Still remember the times where you spent your pocket money buying many magazines, scanning the news articles, recording broadcasts and tv programs?

-Shinhwa has been active for such a long time, fans will certainly have lots of pictures, videos and informations about them.-
"From the 2nd intake onwards, the raincoats are all different. But i have all of them. Magazines, articles with Shinhwa in it, I will all scan or keep them." (Female #1)
"Its piled up as thick as my mattress under my bed. Although most of them are obtain from the net, that kind of paper collection is interesting." (Female #2)
"Recording down the concerts, marking the dates on the audio recordings" (Female #3)
"Whenever there are members' broadcasts, I would secretly used my younger siblings learning tapes to record." (Female #1)
"Of course we had to differentiate between the recordable learning tapes and non-recorable ones." (Female #2)
"Really envy fans thesedays, the video quality is really uncomparable with ours. Ours were mostly Real Media format, the quality arent that nice. Shin Hye Sung will suddenly stop jumping." (Female #1)

-In the past, photos taken by fans are sold. Depending on the degree of exposure of members, the prices will be difference. For instance, if the picture of the member's face is too small, it will be sold at 200won.-
"The quality of photos taken by fans these days are wonderful, some are even better than reporters'. Fan cultures are evolving, and we are also trying our best to keep up."(Female #5)
"Recently went to buy a camera, coincidentally there are some fans buying the same type of camera specially for Shinhwa comeback." (Female #2)
"In pursuit for speed, reporters will upload those pictures quickly. Though fans will upload them at a slower speed, they will do photo touchups, really attentive." (Female #5)

-There are fans who frequently camp outside their hostel. Fans who are unable to go there often are able to read other fans posts about members daily life. Heard that Kim Dong Wan especially is strict with fans.-
"I often camp outside Shinhwa's hostel when i was in junior high school, reduced when in high school and started going there again in my university days. Dongwan often give us bus fare and ask us to go away." (Female #2)
"Would be squatting in front of the hostel. We will be looking and watching when the members when they come. However when Kim Dong Wan appear, we will run away. He often shouted why arent we not going home from the window." (Female #1)
"Heard that once a toilet plunger was thrown out." (Female #4)
"Everyone rush and snatch the plunger." (Female #1)
"I only frequently go for their concerts. Fans who are unable to camp outside their hostel will go on a Shinhwa tour, for instance, visiting Kyochon Chicken store." (Female #4)

-For instance, visiting Hyesung's mum's pork cutlet store?
"Celebrity pork cutlet store!" (Everyone chorused)
"Truthfully speaking, the food aint that fantasic." (Female #1)
"For a pork cutlet store, inside is indeed a little dark." (Female #2)
"We often had fan gathering there. Have no idea why the store is called Celebrity Pork Cutlet Store. I am still able to recall what kind of fan activites we had till 2004, but seeing the photos now, i doubt i can recall as clearly as in the past." (Female #1)

-Being a group that has been active for such as long time, Shinhwa members had quite a number of injury incidents.-
"The time when JunJin was injured while recording SBS<Good Friends> was really unforgettable." (Female #1)
"They told us to be prepared as he might not be able to survive through. It absolutely doesnt feel good hearing that. However the epsiode was still broadcast as per normal as if nothing had happened. Even the props at the recording scene looks scary. Moreover the recording was repeated many times. It was because of exhaustion which leads to the injury. At that time, fans were all sobbing profusely. From then on, whenever JunJin run, we will all feel afraid." (Female #3)
"Only fans will know about the injury. However, there are people who often ask why would a dancer be in public service. It is really sad." (Female #2)
"They always do not know how to take care of themselve, hence are often injuried." (Female #5)

-Will you sometimes think that Oppas have aged?-
"To me, I dont see any difference. When the members play and joke together, it just feels similar like in the past. But occasionally I will be surprised when i see the 90s idols, really thinking that Shinhwa is seniors, not whether they are old." (Female #1)
"Will get a shock when going for Shinhwa concerts. Little kids shocked when seeing adults, adults amazed when seeing the kids." (Female #5).
"Oppas are still of a certain age, really worried whether they will be dancing to and fro on the "王-shaped " stage. We will joking say that if that really happens will they all be singing ballads on the second day of the concert." (Female #1)


Source: Oh My Star
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[28.2.12][News] Spending 14 years loving Shinhwa
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