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 [28.2.12][Pics] Andy @ Kan Mi Yeon's Best Friend Radio Broadcast

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PostSubject: [28.2.12][Pics] Andy @ Kan Mi Yeon's Best Friend Radio Broadcast   Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:49 pm

First radio broadcast program after discharge!
And only one person
Wee Wee~ An Sajangnim!
Shinhwa's forever Maknae!! Andy!!

Is it because him being Sajangnim?
Looking at the script with a Sajangnim pose~!

An Sajangnim, staying up late because of work.jpg

An Sajangnim, pressing on his temples.jpg

An Sajangnim who have completed script reading.jpg

Recently Teen Top is really popular!
Of course, isnt it due to the efforts of An Sajangnim?

Needless to say, no matter whether its Teen Top's efforts,
Or because of Shinhwa's concert~
Wee wee, we had spent an enjoyable one hour!

And Andy very very frank life story!
I have heard the most ^^

Feeling embarrassed when recommending Teen Top's songs.
Saying that is 4men's YoungJae request, recommended 4Men's song!
And listening to a song that we shouldnt miss! Shinhwa's Once in a lifetime ^^

And, do you guys know?
Shinhwa's maknae...Andy! Is actually Shinhwa's centre!

An enjoyable 1 hour that was simply insufficient.
Andy's life story!!!

★Replayed Strongly recommended!★

He said he would come in his usual appearance...His face!!!
Kya~Sure enough, is WonJo (original) Idol! Sure enough is WonJo (original) flower boy ^^

Although I knew Shinhwa's story, it seems like my first time hearing Andy's such profound story~!
After listening, it feels like we are much closer!

No matter what, please remain as Shinhwa's maknae forever!
And wishing that the concert success!

Andy Hwaiting! >_<

source: mbc
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[28.2.12][Pics] Andy @ Kan Mi Yeon's Best Friend Radio Broadcast
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