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 [28.2.12][News] Shinhwa will be able to hold a dinner show

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PostSubject: [28.2.12][News] Shinhwa will be able to hold a dinner show   Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:43 pm

Group Shinhwa is coming back. It has already been 4 years since their 10th anniversary concert where they had promised to meet the fans again. Exactly 4 years later, Shinhwa is back with their 14th anniversary concert.

Apart from Shin Hye Sung and Kim Dong Wan, the rest of the members are under different management agencies. Although everyone trust Shinhwa, they worry whether there will be obstacles that are not within their control. But Shinhwa did not let fans down. Initially expecting to make a comeback in their 15th Anniversary concert, they made it back a year earlier.

-Did you worry about them not able to be together again?-
"The members have always been very trustable, never once did we feel worried because of them under different managemets. They are the type of people that will leave the company if its not doing well." (Female #1)
"They mentioned before they will regroup even its in other forms." (Female #5)

News about March 24th and 25th concert have already spread. Fans who have been with Shinhwa for more than 10 years are already prepared, some have already taken a day off the day after the concert.

"Stalker fans? We didnt even think about it at that time."

-The difference between fans of the past and present is really very great-
"Past and present fans' aptitude are inherently different. As compared to fans at that time, there are many more older fans now. In Shinhwa's case, fans grew up with them." (Female #4)
"Surprisingly, Shinhwa have many younger fans. They like singers but do not want to like idols as their peers, these kids are more mature in their thinking." (Female #1)
"The more serious ones?" (Female #2)
"Yes Yes." (All chorused)

-Stalker fans who invade the private lives of the celebrities have become a social issue. The difference between fans in the early 2000s who camp outside the hostels of the celebrities and stalker fans nowadays?-
"At least we wont cross the line. We protect the members' private lives." (Female #2)
" 'Oppas are god' We would be afraid. We would camp outside the hostels but will run away once Kim Dong Wan appear. He would shout from the window "Why wont all of you leave". Fans today are more like stalkers than fans." (Female #1)
"At least we didnt try to teach Oppas what to do. Recently fans seem to exercise a lot of influence and will somehow feel superior." (Female #4)
"Celebrities have to be thankful to fans too, frankly speaking, seeing the fans these days really shocked me. They have evolved a lot." (Female #1)

'Shinee's Wild Eyes, deepest impression'

-Many hoobaes have perform Shinhwa's songs. Picking the best performance out of these would be?-
"Shinee did quite well. Afterall, Shinee is under SM Entertainment. Shinhwa is a group that debuted from SM too so in a way, the performance is meaningful. SM new group performing a song from a group that was from SM. 'Wild Eyes' is a powerful song and they did it quite well." (Female #1)
"Of course the original is still the best" (Female #4)
"Afterall, Shinhwa performed this during their mid 20s. It seems that younger idols these days cant compete." (Female#5)
"Shinhwa is very manly since their mid 20s" (Female #3)
"Recently there are more noona fans, so there will be more acting cute" (Female #1)

-There will be many promotional activities for this comeback, what do you anticipate the most?-
"Stage preformances; albums of course; and ENG filming. And hoping they will be guesting on <Running Man>" (Female #1)
"Wont they be tired within half a day? Also wishing they would appear on <Infinity Challenge> once again" (Female #2)
"Of course not forgetting <Happy Together>'s <Tray Noraebang>." (Female #4)

'Hope Shinhwa will return - "In good health and in style"

-Is there anything you wish for with SHinhwa's reutrn after 4 years?-
"Be healthy, stylishly take on their activities. Shinhwa is still alive. I hope they will enjoy just like in the past and not get bothered by young kids." (Female #1)
"Dont get injured, be healthy. More than anything else, I hope that the members would enjoy, as long as they are happy and enjoying, fans will be happy too." (Female #4)

-How long can Shinhwa stay active?-
"Till Dinner Show? Will they still be so playful? I am most concerned about the member's stamina." (Female#2)
"They have been through all kinds of crisis, hence they will go on for a long time" (Female #1)
"The bonds between members will not disappear because of individual activities. Individual activities will still have to continue, but hoping that they will still gather having activities under the name of Shinhwa. All these will happen as long they have not disband, right?" (Female #4)

Source: Oh My News
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[28.2.12][News] Shinhwa will be able to hold a dinner show
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