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 [29.2.12][News] Shinhwa seniors, bbuing bbuing is a must

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PostSubject: [29.2.12][News] Shinhwa seniors, bbuing bbuing is a must   Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:20 am

Teen Top and Stellar have strong bonds with Shinhwa. Andy produces Teen Top who recently gain lots of popularity with the song "Crazy". Stellar, a group produced by Eric who have recently undergo member changes, releases their new single "U.F.O" and participated in many activities.

Teen Top, being sought after by fans of ages 10 to 20s and Stellar which comprises of girls from ages 10s to 20s. A question was thrown to them: If Shinhwa were to capture the hearts of young fans, what should they do?

Teen Top revealed to <Oh My Star> "Recently participated in <Idol Star Athletics Championships> with Andy Hyung. If our performance are not satisfying, Hyung will not let us return to the company." They continued revealing that Andy, whose stamina isnt as good as before told them after the sports event "I am not as good as before, all of you go work hard."

Teen top added that nothing these days can beat bbuing bbuing. To capture the young fans hearts, placing both hands on the cheeks and do bbuing bbuing is the best way.

Stellar stated "Shinhwa seniors are just like father and big brothers at times. We look up to Shinhwa seniors, hoping to become longest running group just like them"
MinHee mentioned "I really envy Shinhwa's strong team work and the relationship between Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo."
Hyoeun added "Shinhwa seniors doesnt seems to be in their 30s, for the sake of younger fans, they have to act in a pettishly charming manner. With their charming figure plus acting cute, the combination will be great." Gayoung replied "Shinhwa seniors are as playful as us. They are really very wonderful big brothers."

Although having the "First Generation Idol" title, more than being mysterious, they have a charm that makes us even more attracted to.

source: ohmynews
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[29.2.12][News] Shinhwa seniors, bbuing bbuing is a must
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