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 [2.3.12][News] Shinhwa Lee Min Woo "4 Years hiatus, thought the fans have left"

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PostSubject: [2.3.12][News] Shinhwa Lee Min Woo "4 Years hiatus, thought the fans have left"   Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:56 pm

Shinhwa member Lee Min Woo is thankful to fans that have waited for Shinhwa during these 4 years.

On the 2nd March at 10.30am, Lee Min Woo held a fanmeet at Seoul Station, where he was serving as a public servant. Lee Min Woo was enlisted in 25th Feb 2010.

He mentioned " Many celebrities will be wearing a cap on their day of discharge. I was thinking to meet everyone in my most dashing look, hence i went to a beauty salon." receiving loud cheers from fans.

Lee Min Woo, with tears in his eyes, continued "Thank you to all fans who did not abandon Shinhwa in these 14 years. Frankly speaking, I thought everyone would leave during these 4 years hiatus period.""There are fans who have become mothers, bringing along their children, there are mixed emotions seeing these. Never leaving and continuing to stay with us, thank you."

In addition, he made a promise with fans "I am a little heavy now, during the concert, I will be greeting everyone with a slim bodyshape."

He also mentioned "To repay fans with a powerful performance, we are practising hard. Singing "Your Wedding" once again, I am filled with emotions once again."

Lee Min Woo revealed "There are also members who are feeling a little exhausted during dancing."

Lee Min Woo ended the fanmeet by giving fans who have came all the way a hug.

Shinhwa will be officially starting their activities after 4 years hiatus, having their "14th anniversary comeback press conference" on the 5th, releasing their 10th album thereafter and on the 24th and 25th having their 14th anniversary concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

source: joinmsn
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[2.3.12][News] Shinhwa Lee Min Woo "4 Years hiatus, thought the fans have left"
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