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 [6.3.12][News] Longest running idol group Shinhwa, 6 hours of practise a day

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PostSubject: [6.3.12][News] Longest running idol group Shinhwa, 6 hours of practise a day   Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:18 pm

With Shinhwa 14th anniversary comeback concert nearing, Shinhwa is having their dance practise 6 hours everyday.

After the 10th anniversary concert in March 2008, Shinhwa has been in hiatus due to military service. Finally after 4 years, they will be releasing their 10th album and will be having "The Return" concert in Olympic Gymnasium Arena on 24th and 25th.

Shinhwa is practising diligently in order to showcase a wonderful 2.5 to 3 hours performance. They are especially working hard on their electronica genre title track "Venus".

This not only declare to the public that Shinhwa is still around, but also demonstrate the power and charisma that younger generation groups do not have. Shinhwa has been practising almost everyday at their practise room in Apgujeong.

Shinhwa's rep stated "Out of all Shinhwa dance tracks, the track that is famous for its strong dance movements will be "Brand New" that was release in 2004 summer. I feel that the choreography this time round will be even more advance."

Shinhwa's enthusiasm and determination can be seen from the recording of the 10th album. As a leader of Shinhwa and director of the new album, Eric mentioned on the press conference on the 5th "We did not comply with meeting the deadline for the special albums, mini albums, singles and all kinds of albums that we had previously. But now, we are really working very hard, and will finish the album before the deadline. Please look forward for it."

Shinhwa will be releasing their 10th album, variety shows and many other promotional activites. After the concert in Seoul, they will be heading to Shanghai on the 30th, and Japan, other cities in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and more for their Asia Tour.

Source: sportsseoul
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[6.3.12][News] Longest running idol group Shinhwa, 6 hours of practise a day
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