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 [7.3.12][News] "Longest running idol group" Shinhwa, comeback after 4 years

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PostSubject: [7.3.12][News] "Longest running idol group" Shinhwa, comeback after 4 years   Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:03 pm

Shinhwa, "Korea's longevity idol group" is celebrating their 14th anniversary this year. After releasing their 9th album "Run" in 2008, Shinhwa has been in hiatus because of military activities. 4 years later, Shinhwa is finally returning back to stage.

Shinhwa held their comeback press conference on the 5th at Gangnam-gu Cheongdam CGV, announcing their official return. Shinhwa (Eric, Lee Min Woo, Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan, JunJin, Andy) debuted in March 24 1998 and has many popular hit songs such as Eusha Eusha, Only One, Hey Come On, Perfect Man. They enjoyed popularity not only in Korea but also in overseas. In 2006, Shinhwa was awarded "The best group" award in China in 2006, but also "Best Asian Artist" in Japan's 21st Golden Disk Awards in 2007.

Shinhwa Eric mentioned "The strong friendship and trust among the members are the driving force of Shinhwa for these 14 years. Just like masterpieces, they are not created overnight. As time passes, it doesnt mean old or behind the times but more traditional and more elegant. We want to show everyone this through Shinhwa activites."

Hyesung said "When I was having my solo activites, I told fans "Please wait for a little while more (for Shinhwa's activites)", being able to fulfill the promise, I feel very proud."

Lee Minwoo stated "Everyone will be able to feel the past, present and future through Shinhwa's comeback album."

Andy also mentioned " There are many talented idol groups these days. I am wondering if our comeback would raise an alarm to many idol groups.

Shinhwa will be releasing their 10th album by mid March and will be having their 14th anniversary comeback concert "The Return" on the 24th and 25th at Olympic Gymnasium Arena followed by Asia Tour thereafter.

source: sports chosun
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[7.3.12][News] "Longest running idol group" Shinhwa, comeback after 4 years
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