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 [9.3.12][News] Shinhwa "Win Win" Recording

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PostSubject: [9.3.12][News] Shinhwa "Win Win" Recording   Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:00 pm

Shinhwa "Win Win" Recording 10 hours long "Eyes are swollen from crying"

Shinhwa recording session for "Win Win" lasted more than 10 hours.

A rep from the production them told StarToday on the 9th "Shinhwa special episode's recording took twice as long as there are many interesting contents to talk about."
"The recording started at about 3pm and ended only at 1am. Usually, the recording will end at 7pm, but Shinhwa special episode took more time."

The rep continued "That day, Shinhwa not only talked about the happy times together, but also talked about the unhappiness which leads to misunderstandings among the members."
"The members shed tears the most especially when mentioning stories that are related to Andy. The wounds inflicted by misunderstandings in the past caused a lot of hurt. Even people who are watching them became emotional."

"Even when the members' eyes are swollen, they carried on with the filming till the end. The deep sense of affection among the members can be felt in the light hearted atmosphere. I hope everyone will look forward to Shinhwa's special episode.

Source: Star MK

Shinhwa comeback after 4 years on "Win Win", showed 14 years of deep friendship, tears shed

Longevity idol group Shinhwa, celebrating their 14th anniversary this year, comeback after 4 years hiatus.

Although Shinhwa has participated activitely in various variety shows since debut, this is the first time the members are appearing on KBS 2TV talk show "Win Win".

This is a great opportunity to listen to the true stories that happened within these 14 years that are never disclosed.

During the recording, Shinhwa, being the longest running idol group, revealed what kept them together these 14 years and the twist and turns of being a member of Shinhwa.

In particular, they revealed about how they had to spend time alone during these 4 years hiatus, letting the tears that they had been controlling during this period of time flow.

In addition, acquaintances of Shinhwa will appear as "Surprise guest" and will reveal everything they know about Shinhwa.

Shinhwa's stories of friendship and love that is built over the past 14 years will be broadcast on March 13 at 11.15pm.

source: newsen
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[9.3.12][News] Shinhwa "Win Win" Recording
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