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 [13.3.12] Junjin "Somersault failed, the night is crucial" Eric cried.

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PostSubject: [13.3.12] Junjin "Somersault failed, the night is crucial" Eric cried.   Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:21 pm

Shinhwa member Junjin confessed " I nearly died when doing a somersault. "

During the recording of KBS 2TV "Win Win" JunJin said, "While doing a somersault on a variety show, I severely injured my head and lost consciousness for a while."

Eric described the incident at that time, "After doing the flip, Jin was having spasms and foams where coming out from his mouth."

Junjin continued, “I remember falling down and I couldn’t move my arms or speak. I tried very hard to get up and I can’t remember anything after that.”

Eric said, “I think it was the first time that the members cried. The doctor said that night was crucial. Everyone cried even harder after hearing that.”

In addition, Eric said, “During our rookie days, Eagle Five was our rival group.I saw them doing backflips and I didn’t want us to lose so I made Andy practice backflips.” Andy added, “Before going upstage, I was practising the flips and as I didn’t do it right. I ended up dancing with my neck in a cast.”

Shinhwa's Win Win will be aired on March 13th at 11.15pm.

source: newsen
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[13.3.12] Junjin "Somersault failed, the night is crucial" Eric cried.
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