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 [14.3.12][Pics + Captions] Hyesung @ Shinhwa Broadcast

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PostSubject: [14.3.12][Pics + Captions] Hyesung @ Shinhwa Broadcast   Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:08 pm

The last main lead of Shinhwa Broadcast, Shin Hye Sung
With a paint brush and completing the graffiti
Flower boy looks handsome even if he just stand there.

Handsome looking Hyesung even when perspiring!
Falling magically into his charm!

What did Hyesung see to make him so shocked?
"What is that?"

Hyesung, holding two shovels and observing the surroundings.
"No one saw that right?"

Hyesung getting caught when he was passing by!
"Ah! Caught."

Hence, force to work.
"Is it alright to hammer it here?"

source: jtbc homepage
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[14.3.12][Pics + Captions] Hyesung @ Shinhwa Broadcast
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