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 [16.3.12][News] Kim Dong Wan's wittiness results in laughters from the reporters; members remain calm.

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PostSubject: [16.3.12][News] Kim Dong Wan's wittiness results in laughters from the reporters; members remain calm.   Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:36 pm

First Generation idol Shinhwa (Lee Min Woo, JunJin, Eric, Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan, Andy) is back. It has been 4 years since the 6 members gather together. The 6 of them have unknowingly become idols that have past the age of thirties, but they are still as playful as ever.

Kim Dong Wan especially, who is even more energetic when he is together with the members. His wittiness frequently filled the venue with laughter. However, members who have been together for 14 years are very calm towards his wittiness. "No means no" its hard not to say that this is the shinning moments of their deep friendship. This is the unique scene that is observed during the JTBC Shinhwa Broadcast Press conference held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 15th.

Shinhwa members were interviewed during the filming of "Shinhwa Broadcast - Unique Olympics". Under the flashes of the cameras, the members, in their black sports attires, embarrassedly showed their 1st album pose.

Eric was asked "Having a comeback after a long period of time, there should be a lot of lovecalls. Why did you choose Shinhwa Broadcast?" He answered "We received their invitation first. The concept is also similar to ours, and we want to continue walking further, and interact even closely with the public. The 6 of us need this kind of variety program."

At this time, Kim Dong Wan asked a nonsensical question. He snatched the microphone over and said "Its useless asking Eric" "If three pretty girl groups make an invitation, the first being Girls Generation, what would you do then?"

The members teasingly said in unison "What?""Eh..." Hyesung then told the reporters " (Kim Dong Wan) injured his head during judo. Please understand." cleaning up the mess.

Facing with such ridiculous question, Eric agitatedly scolded and "abuse" Kim Dong Wan, causing laughter from the 30 odd reporters present. Kim Dong Wan embarrassedly laughed and apologised on behalf of everyone. The deep brotherly love among them can be seen.

"What kind of impression do you want the audience to have towards Shinhwa Broadcast?" "Hope the program will become one that will age with the viewers, just like Countryside Diaries." Eric clarified his expectations of the program. Kim Dong Wan agreed "Yes, watching our members die one by one..." Shin Hye Sung snatched the microphone from him and apologised.

Kim Dong Wan created a very pleasant atmosphere during the press conference. The reporters' laughters were heard frequently. However, the reaction of the members, who have been together for 14 years, are very calm, and will interrupt his nonsensical jokes.

Yet, Kim Dong Wan refused to stop. When asked "What kind of event do you want to challenge?", the rest of the members honestly expressed their views. However when "archery" was mentioned, Kim Dong Wan, who is unwilling to miss anything, joked "Tom Yum Goong's archery is still the best", laughters can be heard once again.

At this time, Shin Hye Sung snatched the microphone from Kim Dong Wan, and Lee Min Woo covered his mouth. JunJin stared at Kim Dong Wan with a stern expression, Eric and Andy laughed and said that it is ridiculous.

The press conference was filled with a pleasant "Shinhwa Brand""Shinhwa type" atmosphere from the start till the end. The members' eloquence seems as if there was an eruption when the seals were lifted, flashing a glow of superior artistic sense. This press conference is only possible with Shinhwa, who have been together for 14 years.

The 6 members of Shinhwa's first solo variety "Shinhwa Broadcast" will be aired on the 17th at 9.55pm

source: sportsseoul
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[16.3.12][News] Kim Dong Wan's wittiness results in laughters from the reporters; members remain calm.
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