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 [17.3.12]Shinhwa Broadcast Trailer ~ Shinhwa transforming to the legendary heros

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PostSubject: [17.3.12]Shinhwa Broadcast Trailer ~ Shinhwa transforming to the legendary heros   Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:49 pm

Ordinary variety shows go away! The first in the country! Genre destruction variety [Shinhwa Show]
Strong in Variety! Stronger when gathered together! Variety world strongest Shinhwa is back!
Sweeping the music industry and variety industry, while firmly occupying the original idol position, Shinhwa!
They really change the map of the variety world!
From SF channels to documentary, cuisine, music, news! Across all genres
A new concept variety show with laughter and excitment every week brought to you by Shinhwa!
A new unprecendent variety is coming!

Variety masters will also be unfamiliar about their skills after a long time?
...It will be a mistake if you think in that manner! Shinhwa is different!
Even after a 4 years hiatus, the nervousness during the first recording is only temporarily,
Indeed the original idols, perfectly adapting to the variety of today!

A even more powerful Shinhwa's original variety sense exploding!
Little prince image go away! Throwing away everything~Shin Hye Sung!
Every sentence is classic~Eric & JunJin Sacrifice justice comedy duo~MinWoo & DongWan!
And the team big Boss Andy!

Since debut, not once in the 14 years have we seen
The first time we see Shinhwa in this manner! Revealed the first time!

Shinhwa! Transformed into the legendary heros?!
[Shinhwa Broadcast] The long-awaited first episode will be?! None other than the spectacular SF channel.
"In 2052, transforming into the 6 heros, recusing the president's daughter that is kidnapped by the villian."
The sudden order and sudden appearance of the 6 hero costumes!
Only the one who is able to win in the cushion game is able to transform into the hero that he wants?!

From the talented James Bond to the strongest, powerful superman!
The only female Wonder Woman to the Jungle Hero Tarzan!
A 600 million dollar man with hawk eyes, and all-rounded invisible man!

The colorful costumes that astonished the Shinhwa members.
Unleashing the spark-like force instinctively snatching the cushion...

Which member will be the first to transform into a hero?
And who will be the one to transformed into the worse and turning the studio upside down?!!

Unlimited channel Republic of Korea's broadcast legend Shinhwa production!
Shinhwa Broadcast! March 17th 9.55pm!

source: jtbc home page
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[17.3.12]Shinhwa Broadcast Trailer ~ Shinhwa transforming to the legendary heros
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