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 [17.3.12][News] Recording with Shinhwa

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PostSubject: [17.3.12][News] Recording with Shinhwa   Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:16 pm

Although I change my job, meeting Shinhwa is still possible. It will be rather strange if I do not know. Because there are not many idols who have many activities in 14 years and not once left fans.

I have not seen the 6 members together live. This happens in March 15 at Jamsil Student Gymnasium, JTBC "Shinhwa Broadcast" recording scene.

Comeback after 4 years, loyal, world star, all these words have unconsciously merge together with "Shinhwa Broadcast". Seeing them at the recording scene, I can feel how important the variety show named after them is to them.

Althought the first episode will be aired on Saturday (17th), but they are already recording the 3rd and 4th episode on the 15th. The recording for the first 2 episodes called "SF channel" is completed and in the editing stage. On the 15th, they are recording for "Sports channel"

The title is "Unusual Olympics". The events are not ordinary.

There is even this kind of events

What is this... Although it is judo, its a judo the opponents clothings need to be removed ㅋ

As it is an unusual segment, JunJin, who frequently uses his body and compete and often obtain the 1st place is also panicking.ㅋ

And their strongest point is still talking. They revealed lots of stories during the press conference that was live broadcast in about 200 countries. Today, even though there is only one topic, they will still attack each other, talking and talking and talking non stop... Thisis Shinhwa's speciality.

At the press conference, letting the journalists laughed heartily will of course be Dong Wan.

During the question of "(There are many other invitations from the other channels) Why did you decided to do the program by JTBC", every member answered, and all of them have answers like "This is the first invitation we received; the director and us closely talk about the things that we want to do; its really interesting...". Kim Dong Wan suddenly said something that was offbeat "I want to ask Eric a question."

...Ah, me?

Kim Dong Wan question was like this.

"3 girl groups chose Eric. The first is Girls Generation. What will you do?"


All the members jeered. "Dong Wan injured his head during judo. Please understand." There is even verbal abuse( often classified as insult.. Fortunately, none of the journalists who came wrote an article about this ^^) A press conference like this can be said as a playground.

Actually what DongWan was trying to say isnt hard to understand. "Even if there are many people who are chasing, you have to still see who is the first to pursue. If you think the first to reach is the best (like Girls Generation), there will not be a need to consider an alternative right? Since JTBC was the first to approach, and the proposal suited us, we do not have to worry anymore." Wanting to use Girls Generation as an analogy but the analogy isnt perfect, hence it resulted in the members jeers and verbal abuse (?)

Shin Hye Sung was the person who everyone is most concern for. It is because he is the one among the Shinhwa members who maintain his pure (?) image during variety shows. But according to the members, just like the other members, Hyesung image is already destroyed in "Shinhwa Broadcast".

Frankly speaking, I am impressed by Shinhwa members' loyalty and the faithfulness and trust with the PD. Overcoming the conflicts with other channels and keeping promises were never an easy task.

Being a top idol group that has walked through 14 years, they will certainly know broadcast and entertainment world well. The real existence of "doing together", with a pure "iron heart" makes one marvelled.

With such significance, "Shinhwa Broadcast" will have a very good result.

source: tistory + six sense

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[17.3.12][News] Recording with Shinhwa
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