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 [21.3.12] Lets find out which of the 6 oppas are closest to your ideal man.

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PostSubject: [21.3.12] Lets find out which of the 6 oppas are closest to your ideal man.   Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:15 pm

Witty Guy Kim Dong Wan, Cool Guy Lee Min Woo, Shy Guy Andy, SF Comic Image JunJin, Little Prince Shin Hye Sung and in-charge of English Rap and leader Eric. This is how Shinhwa introduce themselves when they debuted in 1998. Although their popular greeting phrase is jokingly used everywhere, it distinctively describes the characteristics of each Shinhwa member. Getting rid of their manufactured image, building up the charms through their free spirted images, this is the driving force which makes fans loved the for such a long time.

Hence, <10 asia> prepared Shinhwa-ideal type search. Lets find out which of the 6 oppas are closest to your ideal man. Hope that this can be an opportunity for ShinChangs to rediscover or discover the charms of Shinhwa.

Male number 1: Kim Dong Wan

Somehow it feels that he had filmed a Bacchus CF, but it is actually an disgestive medicine CF. Just like the gift he received from Lee Soo Man, he is an upright young man, no, an ahjussi. Sleeping and waking up early are the basics, frequent night clubs and mixing with female friends are absolutely a no. He is a down to earth man. Occasionally displaying his unqiue charms as a patriotic intellectual when he wears spectacles. Bored? Do not forget, he is Shinhwa's witty guy.

Male number 2: Eric

Tall, good looking. And this is sufficient to leave people in awe. Moreover, he and Lee Min Woo are both CEOs of Shinhwa Company. Looks, talents, nothing is lacking. But normally, a guy that is too perfect might put one off. Regardless of the green blood that is flowing in him, or teaching his dog "Chamji" korean and english, these 4-D remarks all adds on to Eric's charms. The more you see the more secretive he is. The more you know about him, the more curious you will be. But, to those who wants to have this man, be prepared to enjoy going to church.

Male number 3: Lee Min Woo

A man that is suitable to have silver coloured hair. Extremely rare. No matter where he goes, there will be a smell of Davidoff Cool Water. His trademark cute yet sexy smile. Although he seems gentle, hes a man of men when he rides the motorbike or dances, exuding rugged charms. Worried that he would be snatched away, yet you have to close an eye when he occasionally goes to the night club. If you are worried, there is only one solution, make your relationship public.

Male number 4: Shin Hye Sung

He may look cold on the outside, yet affectionate like a mother bird on the inside. He would never do things that will destroy his image, but if its for "Crab dance" or "Mommy I want that" dance, he is ready to let go. The sweet voice when he sings ballad, fixing his hair even if he just go to a nearby convenience store, the outstanding "game power" when playing starcraft in the PC cafe, these charms of Shin Hyesung are just too many to be shared here. So we can only shout "Jung Feel Gyo over Kidokgyo"

Male number 5: JunJin

He will not just wear any random beanie. Remember the fact that a fashion is completed with the face. JunJin is able to even wear beanies with stitches thanks to his "SF comic image". Should we say that the beanie is "JunJinfied"? But certainly JunJin not only inherited his looks from his dad Charlie Park, he inherited the irresistable talents too. Be prepared to marry and raise another celebrity up.

Male number 6: Andy

32 years old, completed active military duties. But he is a cute "pocket guy" that we would want to bring around. Exquisite features, smooth skin, just like during his debut when he was 18...It seems like a lie, but he really looks as if he is in his twenties. The "An-seobang" in We got married, who is caring towards his on-screen wife Solbi and parents-in-law. Totally a model husband. Whenever you feel tired, there will be an autoplay heart dance as a bonus.

source: 10 asia + Absolut Shinhwa (pic)
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[21.3.12] Lets find out which of the 6 oppas are closest to your ideal man.
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