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 [4.4.12][DongWan Naver] Incheon Transmission Tower

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PostSubject: [4.4.12][DongWan Naver] Incheon Transmission Tower    Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:07 pm

The sunrise in between transmission towers can only be seen two times a year.
The first week of April and during Chuseok in September.
It was predicted that there will be clear skies today as it had rained for the past two days, but the sky was cloudy.
Although many exclaimed "Thats it for today." the sun showed its face at the sunrise time.
I missed the moment when it was in the centre, but its fortunate that I got to see it~
People who gather here will check the weather forecast beforehand, shortening their sleeping time, and even take time off from work on a weekday.
Even if they stay up all night, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, they would not be able to see the view.
A weekend where there would not be enough space to step on…
If this was a view that could be seen at anytime, would one be this eager?


source: dongwan naver
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[4.4.12][DongWan Naver] Incheon Transmission Tower
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