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 [26.4.12][Dongwan Photolog] Baekundae Preliminary exploration

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PostSubject: [26.4.12][Dongwan Photolog] Baekundae Preliminary exploration    Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:52 pm

In order to go for a night hike at Bukhansan's Baekyundae, I went on a preliminary exploration~

Insunbong can be seen between the azaleas
Showing off their graceful glowing pose.

Reaching the top of the mountain in 40 minutes, happily taking selca... Am I a gifted climber.
An ahjussi passing by said
"This is not Baekundae~You need one hour more to reach.."...OTL

At the lodge of Baekundae, I ate very bland noodles and tofu to ease my hunger
As I was too hungry, I ate one bite. Ah~So bland...ㅋ
The ahjussi beside me said
"Are you here for night hiking" You need to risk your life for it..."
Ah... By the way, there were a lot of people using dialects at Bukhansan~^^

Indeed, the road is really steep. I was amazed that the women were able to climb at such amazing speed when the road is so steep.
Beside is a cliff. Its so scary that I dont even dare to take pictures.

The people who came to Baekundae even on days where typhoon-like winds are blowing.

The skyline of Insubong and Seoul city~
I am able to night hike if I come here at least 10 times?

A dog at Doseonsa entrance A dog´s lot in the happiest gall
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[26.4.12][Dongwan Photolog] Baekundae Preliminary exploration
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