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 [5.5.12]Shinhwa @ Melon Inside People interview

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PostSubject: [5.5.12]Shinhwa @ Melon Inside People interview   Fri May 04, 2012 6:29 pm

Debuted for 14 years, Shinhwa, original idol group, with the unchanging team spirit that is worth to be proud of, is back with their well received new album [The Return]. They accepted our interview and were asked various questions ranging from the promotional activities that are coming to an end to the recent JTBC Shinhwa Broadcast. Shinhwa, who has debuted for a long time, has become even stronger. They are as cool and frank as before and will not use their success or status as weapon. This will let people feel even more precious. But they are still like teens, as playful as before. We conducted a relaxing interview with the sincere, pleasant and natural Shinhwa.

Q: Congratulations for winning the first place on Mcountdown and also with the promotional activities gradually coming to an end. What kind of songs are 'Hurts' and 'Venus' , the two title tracks from the album that has received number 1?

Minwoo:Both 'Hurts' and 'Venus' are songs that the members really like. They are songs that you will love even more and think that it is really the best when you keep listening to it. Eric participated in lyrics composition for 'Hurts',I participated for 'Venus'. Both songs are foreign songs from Andrew Nelson, producer and composer for Britney Spears and Leona Lewis. In order to produce a foreign song that has a Shinhwa style, all members contributed a lot during this process.

Q: During the 14 anniversary concert, (I) saw Minwoo's tears, heard that throughout the preparation for this album, Minwoo worked very hard.

Minwoo:Truthfully speaking, the only people who can tolerate my temper during this sensitive period, is my parents. That period of time was exhausting for my mother, recalling the incidents where I throw tantrums, so I am really grateful and sorry. Wanting to express my gratefulness and recalling the sensitive period, hence I shed tears.

Q:Other than Minwoo who participated in the whole album,the other members have also participated in the production. But everyone has their own music style. How did everyone reach consensus during the album preparation?

Dongwan: Although it is important to reach consensus, discussing together is also very important. There must always be a captain on a ship. After deciding on the captain, we have to trust and follow him. If the members and I are unsatisfied with anything, we will discuss and adjust accordingly. When we are having some difficulties in solving, Eric and Minwoo will be the ones who will decide in the outcome, we have to trust them. Fortunately, there are satisifying results.

Actually, Minwoo was very stressed during the production period. And he became very sensitive. He wasnt a sensitive person to begin with. Seeing a friend becoming more sensitive, especially when he almost didnt utter a single word towards the end of the album production, I could also feel how busy he was. In any case, the results are very satisfying, the activites are going according to the plan. This is really great.

Minwoo: It will be great if Dongwan is able to be captain next time.

Dongwan: I dont think i can (Haha)

Eric:Mentioning that there has to be consensus, and it is...

Hyesung: The consensus will be reached when we are able to find the music that suit Shinhwa. It is because everyone's music style is different.

Minwoo: In fact, this album is not only focusing on one but many different kind of genre for all 11 songs. There are also (songs) that each member is best at, such as ballad songs that Hyesung is good in.

Q: Did Hyesung participated in the lyrics composition for the ballads?

Dongwan: In fact, Hyesung did composed the lyrics for 'Venus'. But it was sensational so it was deleted.

Q: Did Hyesung participated in the lyrics composition for the ballads?

Dongwan: In fact, Hyesung did composed the lyrics for 'Venus'. But it was sensational so it was deleted.

Eric: Rather than saying 'deleted'...

Andy: It should be said that it is too sensational to be used (Haha)

Dongwan: Although we really want to use, it is really too...

Minwoo: The lyrics for the original song is also rather sensational, so that might be the reason why he wanted to write in that style...

Hyesung: Still, we are members, using this expression of 'being deleted'...

Eric: Then use the expression 'throw away'...

Hyesung: Thats even worse...

Dongwan: Then 'Get rid'...(Everyone laughed)

Q: The album activities are also coming to an end. Will you be a little more ambitious when preparing for the next album?

Hyesung: Since this album does not have a particular genre, the rest of the albums might not insist on a particular genre too. We will prepare an album with mulitiple genres just like before. Eric and Minwoo will work hard at the centre.

Minwoo: Since you cant mention Shinhwa without stage performances, we will continue pushing for dance style performances for the time being.

Q: The dances are cheorographed by you?

Minwoo: All 6 of us together.

Hyesung: The main ones will be the dance team leader, MinWoo and JunJin, the rest of the members will support.

Minwoo: Shinhwa's dancing machine is Shin Hye Sung.

Hyesung: This is another misconception.

Q: Just like how Hyesung can write sexy lyrics, his dance should be sexy too.

Minwoo: Of course, the sexiest.

Dongwan: It is because he is always thinking about sexy!

Minwoo: Hyesung has this instinct. (Everyone laughed)

Q: All members want to be funny. Recently in 'Shinhwa Broadcast' everyone showed their humorous self. Before this, I only thought that MinWoo, Dongwan and JunJin have this humorous side.

Dongwan: Thats the truth! (Laughs)

Hyesung: But recently, Eric and I are working very hard, really. Working hard till the extent that people will wonder 'Why are we working so hard recently'

Q: Everyone seems to ruin their images without hesitation. This can only be done when you really put yourself down.

Minwoo: Hyesung and Eric who are rarely on variety shows will only be able to go all out when they are together with the members.

Hyesung: If I were to put myself down for other varieties, no one will be able to recover back my image again. But as we are doing it together, even if I go all out, Choongjae(JunJin) will be able to help me recover back my image again...

Eric: We might be able to do this kind of variety in Shinhwa Broadcast, it is rather impossible to do it elsewhere.

Q: Today's interview is also as interesting as Shinhwa Broadcast. I think that Shinhwa's everyday life is similiar to how they are like in Shinhwa Broadcast.

Hyesung: The way we are in Shinhwa Broadcast is how we are like in our everyday life.

Dongwan: Of course, so I think it is getting a little boring.

Hyesung: There were many things that are not suitable to be broadcast.

Minwoo: Although Dongwan says its getting a little boring, we are in fact enjoying ourselves.

Dongwan: In fact, I am a serious person and also quiet and reticent...

Members in unison: (Laughing and saying) Seriously? Really?

Q: Actually, I grew up listening to Dongwan's radio program since my middle school days.

Dongwan: Now you know? I originally have this style, Radio Style.

Q: No, you were like this back then.

Dongwan: What! (Haha) Actually I think I am more restraint during broadcastings than on Shinhwa Broadcast, and I am not exaggerating. But they say that I am able to put myself down even more during broadcastings than on Shinhwa Broadcast.

Eric: Thats right.

Q: Recently Eric and Hyesung seems to be going all out.

Hyesung: Andy actually put himself down a lot too...

Andy: I didnt put down a lot.

Dongwan: No, you seems (entertainment sense) crazy recently...

Eric: Crazy recently, Andy...

Andy: I heard from many saying that I seems to be crazy, I am really crazy. Thats why Teen Top's song title is also 'Going crazy'...(Smile) Haha, I am kidding. Everyone seems to be working even harder because of Shinhwa Broadcast, hence it is really great. When we watched it, we would send each other messages. There will be about 100 messages when the show ended, continuously, Such as this is really amazing, or I cant believe that you were actually like that. It seems like the scenes of our younger days after our debut are emerging once again.

Q: You mentioned at the press conference that you hope that Shinhwa Broadcast can be like Countryside Diaries. But many times, the shoots will continue till late at night. It should be really tiring. Do you think you are able to do it?

Minwoo: The shootings do not take place everyday, around once or twice every week. Once everything is more stablise, we will be having about one shooting every 2 weeks. This isnt too strainous.

Dongwan: We are having more fun when watching the broadcast.

Hyesung: We will feel uneasy after filming a little, as it is our broadcast. So we mentioned among ourselves that we will work even harder.

Andy: Although it is tiring, the after effects is really interesting. At the start of the shootings, I kept telling myself that it is really tiring. The next day after the shooting, I would also say that I was having a hard time yesterday. But seeing the results, it is really interesting, hence it dawn on everyone that the hard times can also be meaningful, so everyone is working even harder.

Q: Do you have anything to say to fans and audience who are cheering on and are concern about Shinhwa Broadcast? For instance 'Do not have to worry' (Shinhwa Broadcast catchphrase)...

Hyesung: The last line should be by Junjin... Do not have to worry.

Dongwan: 'Do not have to worry' have to catch people by surprise.

Eric: When the atmosphere is a bit depressing, JunJin will then say Do not...

JunJin: (Nod in agreement, nod in agreement)

Hyesung: I think I know what the fans are worrying about, but they do not have to. We will try to be as comfortable during the broadcast, please help us to pick back our image.

Eric: I will monitor everyone's reactions, everyone seems worried as they didnt know the exact format of the show. This is in fact the intentions of the producers, but we wanted to do it even more comfortably. Afterall it is a program that has the name of Shinhwa, a program that we want to continue leading by the name of Shinhwa, hence we want to do it even more comfortably. All variety shows need to be adapted to, we hope that we can shorten this period of adapting, hence we ruin our image from the beginning in order for us to become more comfortable.

Having to capture the program style format, the intial concerns have also decreased. SF special, extraordinary Olympics, creasing faces and being serious in documentaries. The audience and fans like it as they are able to see our natural selves and we enjoyed it too. It is different, and we are looking forward what will be coming up next. Coming out after such a long time, we hope to be able to get closer with the public, and let people able to know Shinhwa better. Recently, it feels really great to see Shinhwa appearing when the television is switch on, about 3 to 4 times a day. The program that we look forward to is Shinhwa Broadcast, perhaps because there is only Shinhwa appearing in that program? Or perhaps I have a soft spot for this program. This program makes me wanting to hurry home to watch it, just like the audience.

Q: Lastly, say a few words to Melon users who love Shinhwa.

Andy: It is really great that our album, that has been released after such a long period of time, is able to receive so much love, really grateful. Hope that we are able to show to everyone a better side. We hope to repay the fans by working even harder. We will show the fans a better side together like we are now.

credit: melon musicstory
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[5.5.12]Shinhwa @ Melon Inside People interview
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