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 [5.5.12][Dongwan Naver] Shanghai Concert

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PostSubject: [5.5.12][Dongwan Naver] Shanghai Concert   Fri May 04, 2012 6:54 pm

Hanging the laundary on the familiar Shanghai streets...Why so cute?...!

Drinking tsingtao beer once we arrived. Taste mild. It is because I am used to Japanese beer...ㅎ Beers like Sapporo, Heineken, San Miguel and Corona without lemon are the best!

There isnt much time, so I have to enjoy the night view. Starting from the beautiful alley of XinTiandi~

In front of the skyscrappers that are covered by the fog, a heartwarming couple who refuses to let go...
What Although I hate couple travelling... A married couple travel seems enjoyable ㅎ

Once again I felt the importance of accomodation.
Home-like residence style accomodation is very comfortable
It might not be as nice as a hotel but there will not be the smell of paint or new furniture,
Just like regular homes, the windows are able to be opened both sides, allowing good ventaliation~
I will hear birds chirping every morning in the park that is beside the building~
Shanghai has changed quite a bit. Cleaner, friendlier, cooler because of the tall trees along the streets.

Where is this...
Entrance to the traditional market. There were many people as it was the Labour Day holidays~

I am taking pictures of you~Chinese Shinhwa fans.

I got scolded by the police when i took this shot. ㅋ

Our members who have worked hard, gathering in Minwoo's room to watch tv after the concert~
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[5.5.12][Dongwan Naver] Shanghai Concert
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