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 [10.6.12][Article] Shinhwa will not exclude the possibility of whirlwind marriages!

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PostSubject: [10.6.12][Article] Shinhwa will not exclude the possibility of whirlwind marriages!   Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:50 pm

Worried about being abandoned by fans

UW: After 4 years, you have finally returned, what are your recent developments?

Minwoo: There tend to be a certain degree of nervousness and unfamiliarity after the long period of hiatus. Since the concert, the schedules we have have been ongoing and everytime, it seems as if we have managed to scale the huge mountains. Till now, our comeback activities have been going on rather smoothly, apart from Hyesung's injuries during the concert which makes me a little worried and sad.

UW: Do you have any worries regarding this comeback?

Eric: I am worried would there be a full house during the concert.

Andy: I am worried if the fans would still like us as much like before.

UW: Hyesung, how is your knee injury now?

Hyesung: Its much better now, the swelling has already subside. Its just a pity that I couldnt present to everyone my performance which I had been practising hard together with the members in preparation for this comeback. As I really wanted to perform, the members had to persuade me not to.

Eric: If this happened in the past, Hyesung would probably feel apologetic towards the members, and the atmosphere amon the members would become a little sensitive. In the past, we had to stop our activities due to my leg injury. That kind of atmosphere... it was just like the members had difficulties to properly communicate with each other. However, everyone have already been through a lot and have the ability to endure. In these situations, the members will be able to calmly accept it.
For instance, its really difficult to dance and sing at the same time; I naturally came up with another idea. Being the lead singer, it is also possible to sit and sing. Hence, experiences are still really important.

UW: Being the lead singer, Hyesung, would you feel stress when preparing for this album?

Hyesung: As this album focus more on dance tracks rather than ballad tracks and it had been a while since I promote as Shinhwa, hence there are parts where it is tough. In the beginning, I would still sing in a ballad style for a dance track, hence it was rather tough in the beginning. But I adjusted after practising and coordinating with the members for a period of time.

Variety gathered the members

UW: What are your plans for this album's promotional activites? Returning back after a long period of time, there are many fans who are worried that you will be ending your promotional activities soon.

Eric: We will be having Shinhwa Asia Tour starting end of April till July. After this, we will be starting our individual activities. JTBC's Shinhwa Broadcast will continue airing. Even if the members are having their individual activities, through Shinhwa Broadcast, the members are still able gather together and to have a time to carry out group activities. As we would be promoting as Shinhwa the whole year round, the time where we are having our group activities is very important to all of us. Truthfully speaking, variety shows do not suit me and Hyesung. But the feeling of us doing it together is really important hence we are working very hard. This is how we feel towards Shinhwa Broadcast.

UW: Did JunJin, who has the most experience in varieties, fret a lot over Shinhwa Broadcast?

JunJin: I was indeed worried for the past two years worrying what would we do after the variety, what kind of broadcast should we have. I would think even more as the time goes. Even the details of how we are going to respond, I had even thought of it. Although this is just the beginning, the feeling is rather great. I feel that the members' strong points will continue to emerge.

To marry or not to

UW: You are about to reach 35 soon, have you thought of marrying?

MinWoo: I want to get married...

Andy: I want to get married, but there is no partner...

Hyesung: Even if any members are married, it will not hinder Shinhwa's group activities. We are able to be the first idol group to have a member who is married and still carrying on our group activites.

Eric: Isnt there a saying that if you tell the father of the woman you love "please entrust your daughter to me", the man is fully prepared to get married? But being an actor, this profession itself doesnt allow one to be able to predict his/her future or to have any assurance like the others. Hence it is rather difficult to say such things. I feel that after Shinhwa group activites are on the right track, regardless of the outcome of the members individual activities, there might be a possibility of us considering about marriage issues. If there is a sense of stability, one would feel more comfortable and relaxed towards marriage.

Dongwan: I do not have plans for marriage yet.

UW: Dongwan, why do you say that you do not have plans for marriage?

Dongwan: I really wanted to get married before I started dating my last girlfriend...Anyway, I feel that I am not prepared to get married. I initially wanted to get married by this year, and have already told the members. I might not get married within the next 4 or 5 years, ah, its cant, not do not want.

Eric wants to be "parent"

UW: Imagine yourself when you are 40, how will you be like?

Dongwan: I will be married when I reach 40。A married man!

JunJin: I have a dream of being a MC for variety shows. And also the dream of being an actor. Till I reach 40, the dream that I would want to fulfil will be talk show. In any case, I will still be as serious and hardworking.

Andy: I will still be Shinhwa's Andy. And at the same time I wish that I would be able to be a successful producer.

MinWoo: I hope to be able to become popular figure who contributes to the mass culture. For instance, its just like how I like (Yang) Hyun Suk Hyung.

Hyesung: Promoting as a member of Shinhwa without a doubt. From individual point of view I would like to become a public performance type singer.

Eric: From my preschool days, my dream is to become the parent of a happy family, i cant immediately say a married man. Whether it is family or work, I will wish to become a happy “parent".

UW: What kind of records would you wish Shinhwa will leave in the next 20 years?

Eric: It would be great if (we) could be known as national idol group.

JunJin: Hope that we are not "rusty" and is still group with dancing capabilities.

Dongwan: I hope that Shinhwa will be a senior that is calm and never stopping.

source: Singapore's Uweekly magazine
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[10.6.12][Article] Shinhwa will not exclude the possibility of whirlwind marriages!
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