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 [4.7.12][News] Shinhwa "Return" Royal style

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PostSubject: [4.7.12][News] Shinhwa "Return" Royal style   Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:38 am

Debuting for 14 years, establishing the Korean "ancestor level" idol group status. Under everyone's excitment, all members reunited once again after a lapse of four years. Having a concert in Singapore on 16th June, Shinhwa showed absolute royal demeanor through their magnificent songs, dance and funny rapport.

King of atmosphere: Lee Min Woo
Greeting the reporters during the press conference with "Whats up Singapore, say ho——” and claiming to be in charge of the group's fashion "Mstyle", getting into trouble by breaking Dongwan's microphone wire and was punished by Dongwan's "hand knife"; With Minwoo around, there will always be breaking news.
During concerts, he is the leader who will liven the atmosphere, not forgetting being mushy with the members, holding Hyesung's hand, suddenly kissing JunJin, caressing Andy's face during love songs, causing screams.

King of "Laughter" effect: Kim Dong Wan
Witty guy Kim Dongwan attack! The cheesy line "Looking at Singapore's sky at night, my state of mind is also cleared up" which made him laughed embarrassedly after saying. Uncontrollably laughing and choking on water which he was drinking after hearing Minwoo answering that the members have aged as compared to 6 years ago when they came to Singapore.
Using his passable mandarin to self question "How are you? I am fine, thank you" and "My girlfriend is very pretty, its all of you" and his impromptu acapella song of Singapore, bringing joy to the local fans.

Domineering King: Eric
Eric, leader of Shinhwa, has another responsibility---CEO of Shinhwa Company, dignity doubled. Regarding competiting for awards with the juniors, he mentioned that everyone's starting point is different. "Rather than viewing it as competition, (I) am more willing to guide the juniors." He proudly shared the story of fans from three generations attending their activities: "Is there any other Korean groups who have such achievements?" However under the members' instigation, he is willing to put down his cool image, pleasing fans with his unique "fury bbuing bbuing" aegyo. You have worked hard, CEO!

King of few words: Shin Hye Sung
Known to have the image of a cold, arrogant prince, Hyesung infected the audience with his calm yet explosive singing and he is still a man of few words within the group. It would be rather impossible to hear this "Shinhwa(legend)" lead singer speak if Minwoo had not asked him to. Even shouting "Whats going on Singapore" will make him shyly seek "shelter" behind the members. Perhaps just like what he mentioned during the press conference: "We are like brothers more than buddies. Really grateful for their reliable support which rest assured me to put up the best performances."

Nonsensical King: JunJin
JunJin has the most experience in variety within the the group, his sense of humor is also rather unique. When Dongwan embarrassedly laughed during the press conference and pleaded everyone to "Please dont look at me", JunJin responsed "Ok, I hate you" and turned his head away, causing much laughter. When the crew went to check on the microphone which is spoilt by MinWoo, he suddenly addressed the crew as "my friend", bringing laughter to the scene and resulted in poor Andy, who was answering to the questions seriously, being ignored.

Shy King: Andy
Despite being "upgraded" to be producer producing Teen Top, this 31 year old maknae of Shinhwa still has "Shy guy" nature. When asked about the solo nude photobook that he mentioned during Shinhwa Broadcast, he immediately embarrassedly hide his face and laughed and apologised to the reporters present for raising this topic. During the concert, he admitted that he was very nervous. When he was guiding the audience to shout out the members' names, he did not dare to mention his name, and politely thanking the fans for cooperating, resulting in fans screaming gwiyeoweo(cute)!

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[4.7.12][News] Shinhwa "Return" Royal style
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