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 [27.8.12][Dongwan Naver] Nanjing

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PostSubject: [27.8.12][Dongwan Naver] Nanjing   Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:41 am

The entrance of Nanjing International Conference Hotel. The air is very~good here.

Indeed there are a lot of people who will not leave the girl's hand alone...

Men and women of all ages...^_^

Grandfather with a cute grandson. The grandson who resembles the daring Sun WuKong(Monkey God)...ㅎ
That child wont see my blog right?

A girl, we are both taking pictures of each other~Keep it well~Nanjing night market

Lots of smiling people in Nanjing and many children too.

Great alleys in Nanjing.

I saw this!! ^0^/



source: Dongwan naver
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[27.8.12][Dongwan Naver] Nanjing
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