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 [28.9.12][Jung Suk Hee Interview] Part 2 Hope that 'Shinhwa Broadcast' would be Shinhwa's lifetime career

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PostSubject: [28.9.12][Jung Suk Hee Interview] Part 2 Hope that 'Shinhwa Broadcast' would be Shinhwa's lifetime career   Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:47 pm

Jung Suk Hee: Have some aspirations? About the extent and development of the program?

Yoon PD: There are parodies, various things that we want to try out. The assignment now is to find out what these friends are able to do best in. More than anything, I really hope that this program will become Shinhwa's lifetime career. 6 members each have different activities and there are times when it is difficult to meet up. Gathering just once or twice a year for album activities and scattered away after completing the activites. But with <Shinhwa Broadcast>, there is at least one gathering in two weeks.

Minwoo: Do not wish to end it in one two years, but hope that it will be a longevity program in the name of Shinhwa. Although the ending is still unknown, but the longer the better? Just like mentioned before, we thank <Shinhwa Broadcast> for letting the members meet regularly. In the past, we did not frequently meet due to everyone's solo activites. The times where we laughed together and have fun was really great.

Dongwan: Although its hard to maintain if we do not have popularity, but we hope that the audience will give us their support seeing us putting in so much effort, I believe that the program will be able to carry on a long time.

Jung Suk Hee: What has to be done to make it last as long as possible?

Yoon PD: Just like mentioned before, they do the best when they are together. Besides, as compared to the stuffy studio, they do better outside. Most interesting? Playing together at night during a travelling trip, and when on the roads. In fact, from October, there will be some changes. Format will also be fixed, for example, although each time, there are new nicknames appearing, but the formats are different everytime, so its hard to carry on with the new nicknames.

Jung Suk Hee: Talking about nicknames, its difficult to see them appearing on other programs, such as 'Stupid' which Eric gave to Minwoo, and also 'Special h Stupid'. Who would dare to call Minwoo in this manner.

Eric: It ended as there were camera around. If there wasnt I would probably be killed by Minwoo.

Minwoo: I was able to accept as it was our members. (Laughs) If it was other broadcasts, I would asked seriously, why are you doing this to me. But if its between friends, even if its profane slurs, I will not think it that way.

Andy:: I was trying to control my laughter. Minwoo, who slowly admitted, was really too hilarious. How should I say. Maybe he was a little angry initially, but soon he gave up on himself and admit. I would not be able to do it in other broadcast too. As it was our members at that time hence I can joke around.

Dongwan: Regardless of how close we are, laughing at your friend saying stupid is not right, I apologise to everyone on behalf of Eric. (Together having stunned expression)

Eric: This kid is just like that. Actually, stupid isnt a swearing word among us. I am apologetic as we joked Minwoo for 30 minutes although its only shown for a few seconds during the broadcast. Actually Andy has ups and downs depending on the mood of the atmosphere. Andy spoke a lot that day, in a good mood. So I played along too. In fact, the member who is always being tease is Dongwan.

Dongwan: Everyone took turns to tease me, but I accepted with love (Laugh)

JunJin: But in fact, Eric hyung is really the stupid one.

Jung Suk Hee: Speaking of being tease, we have to mention Eric's hidden camera. Is it on purpose? Or really being fooled?

Eric: Was really being fooled. It was documentary channel at the start, the production team attempted to have an obvious hidden camera. Thinking back, it was on purpose at that time. The salon that we used for 10 years suddenly have VIP massage. "Do I want to get cheated here", was in an agony, and decided to pretend to be sleeping. I then did not think highly of <Shinhwa Broadcast> hidden camera. But I did not imagine that the staff and member started to prepare two weeks earlier. Although my luck was going down the drain, I wasnt feeling upset at all, I only simple mindely thought that today is not my day.

Hyesung: Wasnt afraid that Eric would be angry (Laugh) Rather, I was worried that the camera would be ruin if he suddenly realise it. We know his limit of tolerance after being friends for such a long time, as long as we do not cross it it will be fine.

Eric: I was just amazed. There are also many amazing, dramatic scenes appearing in < Infinity Challenge> or ' 1 Night 2 days. So I thought that we would do the same, thinking "I wont be losing again right?" and suggesting even more harsh penalties. But I was still punished. That day was a turning point, I dont believe anyone in the future. (Laugh)

Jung Suk Hee: There should be many stories if we were to continue talking. Is Eric naive or strategic, it confuses people at times.

Eric: Ah, I understand what you are tring to say. I delibrately pretended to feel that I am easy going. During Mnet <God of Music>, it was interesting to see Lee Sang Min joking which made it feel that Mnet has an easy going atmosphere. Everyone might have been neglected, but you are still able to laugh over it, I would want to follow. Isnt it interesting?

Dongwan: Eric is mikkulaji, quick witted. Due to his quick wittiness, he is able to lead Shinhwa for 14 years.

Andy: It isnt to show it out on purpose, althought there are parts that would like to be hidden, with time, our different personalities are slowly revealed. For instance, the different faces of Eric.

Yoon PD: From a producer point of view, its a pity if we are unable to continue into the next week. The stupid joke is acceptable previously when in the car, but its fashion show today, we cant be saying 'stupid' in front of the models. Theres also a limit with different format every time. So if we are able to catch something now, we will want to try it out for a month or two. Had thought of 'Love Letter' previously, but we paired them with Super Junior, its rather interesting, please look forward to it.

Is there any member who thinks that you will never do till this extent but you unexpectedly did?

Jung Suk Hee: Is there any unexpected difficulties?

Yoon PD: "Thought that this member was like that, why is it like this?" there is no such situation. "This member will definitetly not do it, but to one's surprise he did it" there are such members. Firstly its Eric, and also Hyesung. Eric definitely has the potential for variety. I do not know what is Eric is planning. Saying some unexpectable jokes, but embarrassedly laughing when failed, its funny. Dongwan too, people would usually give up when no one respond. But Dongwan did not give up. If observe carefully, there are friends of different personalities.

Hyesung: Members made me that way. I would be thinking at times if the members are not with me, and I had to go filming alone, what should I do, this made me at a loss. Although there is no such schedules at the moment, but will I be able to adapt if there is one in the future? Its really worrying. I will temporarily not worry about this now. As I am shooting together with the members, even if I screwed it up, there are members who will cover and support me from behind, and this made me felt reassured.

Eric: Although <Shinhwa Broadcast> has unintended comedy, even if I did not do it on purpose, the other side of me would be showing it out. Of course, thats the part where I feel "confident".

Jung Suk Hee: You have break the rules during the first episode, will you feel distracted during the filming?

Minwoo: Started shooting as soon as I finished my military duties and became Wonder Woman. I am able to say this now, when I was filming, I was thinking "Ah, it should not be like this." But after watching broadcast, I felt that all these were hard work were worth while. Really cannot undereastimate the power of editing. (You) will only think of the suave image of Shinhwa. But with <Shinhwa Broadcast>, we have learned to enjoy together with the public. We will now want to have a image of being able to get close with without feeling uncomfortable.

Hyesung: From the very first day, (we) had to wear those funny clothings, flying into the water, walking on the streets, going through all the things which I had never tried previously. Because of this, there was a feeling of 'losing my mind'. In what manner would the program be broadcasted, I was also at a loss. But after the broadcast, many told me that it is interesting, which made me at ease. In fact, I have put down everything since the start, which is an advantage for me as I will be able to adapt quickly after experiencing it in the first episode.

JunJin: If it was other broadcasts, (we) will not be able to do it till this extend. But its with our members, our broadcast, we are then able to do it.

Andy: My character and personality changed a lot after completing my military duties. There are definitely a lot of changes towards the attitude of variety before and after enlistment.

In fact, till now, we still have a lot of discord

Jung Suk Hee: Recently there are many idol groups who have hit the headlines because of discord, being the ancestry-leveled seniors, will there be sense of responsibility felt?

Eric: Especially Jin. Took good care of the juniors and is very tolerant. If we were the normal sized rice bowls, Jin can be known as the big bibimbap rice bowl? (Laugh)

JunJin: Really? There will definitely be a sense of responsibility. Have to be role models.

Dongwan: In fact, we do have many discords. But we will acknowledge it and will work hard to solve it so that we can survive longer. People with different blood type, different personalities trying to blend together certainly requires coordination. (For reference: MinWoo, Hyesung - Blood Type A, Andy, Dongwan - Blood Type O, Eric JunJin - Blood Type B)

Eric: Even if we were to quarrel, we would suddenly laugh, quarrel again and reconcile. As such, we are able to carry on till now.

Hyesung: Checks on each other? Definitely not. Just worried that will solo activites cause trouble for the members? There are times when I think that I am lacking in certain parts and it will burden everyone.

Dongwan: It should not be lungs, should be heart. (Moment of booing) *Burden/troubling someone and lungs has the same word

Jung Suk Hee: Discovering Gagman Jang Dong Hyuk is also a surprise? Initially, he was also embarrassed when doing certain scenes, but now they echoed each other, cooperating with each other well.

Yoon PD: <Shinhwa Broadcast> does not have someone like Yoon Jae Suk who is able to host and participate. Hence during the episode of special olympics, we invited Jang Dong Hyuk. From then on, he frequently participated. Fans also said that they like him a lot.

Minwoo: Jang Dong Hyuk's improvisation skills is already very strong. He is now like a member of Shinhwa, during scenes that were awkwardly silent, he would save it, really grateful to him.

Jung Suk Hee: I felt a little pity after watching the comeback stage previously. If only hallyu wave bloom a little later. But it would be better to do variety with older age?

Dongwan: I personally felt that its a little regretful that I didnt lose a bit more fat (laugh). The most regretful was that Hyesung could not stand together with us on stage, so it isnt a complete stage. We will all be standing together on stage next year, so please look forward to it.

Junjin: Was a little worried if we were able to do well for this broadcast. But after meeting with the production team we gained faith. Seeing the changes that the members have, we see the possibility and have growing desire. Discussing with the production team, we gained confidence, grasping the strengths and weaknesses, we will definitely do a good broadcast.

Yoon PD: If it was the past, the program would not be able to last more than half a year. I have long term plans in mind, to continue as long as possible, not in a hurry, I initially want to show their unlimited self. Although its a pity that there are still many people who do not know about <Shinhwa Broadcast>. I used to think that there will be many people watching the broadcast, is it due to the timing of the show? Thinking that it should attract the younger generation groups, but it seems that everyone might not be at home since its a saturday? And also its airing together with EPL(English Premier League) ? Have been fretting over this for a long time. Our program is also part of the hallyu wave. Its also airing in Taiwan, and is a topic in Japan, China and Thailand. Hope that it will be aired in other countries in the future.


We met Eric and Minwoo at a restaurant in our neighbour some time last year or the year before. Wanted to greet them but hesitated. Of course, we are someone that they do not know personally. They gave us a feeling of knowing them for a long time although we do not know them. They are not fake, not arrogant, not affected by the youth around them. Ah, they have grown up to become real adults, they are a true star now. Meeting them in the studio of <Shinhwa Broadcast>, we felt even closer. It isnt them under the bright light, but under the natural soft light, blending together with <Shinhwa Broadcast>, looking very calm and serene. Together with Yoon PD, these 7 men joining forces with the writers who understand Shinhwa very well, hope that <Shinhwa Broadcast> can continue for a long time, becoming the real legend, just like a fairy tale ending.

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[28.9.12][Jung Suk Hee Interview] Part 2 Hope that 'Shinhwa Broadcast' would be Shinhwa's lifetime career
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