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 Characters in Cheer Up Mr Kim - Kim Tae Pyeong's Family

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PostSubject: Characters in Cheer Up Mr Kim - Kim Tae Pyeong's Family   Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:53 pm

Kim Tae Pyeong (김태평) cast_Kim Dong Wan (김동완)
Expert in apartment cleaning
Born in a poor three-generation family
Very friendly but impudent
Leads a life requiring both patience and endurance, just like a weed

And the root that causes him to endure such a life
He is a bachelor mom who raises 4 children. One of them is his niece "Hee Rae"
And a rich man's daughter appears by his side
Lee Woo Kyeong
Because of the friendship between the two, he learnt about love

Kim Hee Rae (김희래) cast_Seo Ji Hee (서지희)
15 years old; Tae Pyeong's niece

Ri Cheol Ryeong (리철룡) cast_Yeon Jun Seok (연준석)
19 years old; North Korean defector from North Hamgyong Province

Go Ju Seong (고주성) cast_Oh Jae Mu (오재무)
15 years old; The last family member of Tae Pyeong

Song Ah (송아) cast_ No Jeong Ee (노정의)
10 years old; Tae Pyeong second family member

source: kbs
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Characters in Cheer Up Mr Kim - Kim Tae Pyeong's Family
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