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 Andy 18.12.11 Japan Fanmeet Fan Account

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PostSubject: Andy 18.12.11 Japan Fanmeet Fan Account   Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:17 pm

Opening song was 너만. Japan fans did an event for Andy.
Andy was asked about his hair color. He replied that when he was watching Strong Heart, he felt that he still look the same as he was during military days, and he have not dyed his hair for about 7 years, hence decided to change.

The next question he was asked was whether the members visited him when he was serving. He asked fans which member they wish had visited him. The MC started with Eric. More than half raised. Junjin, none raise. Andy laughed. Hyesung's turn next. About 10 odd. Minwoo too. As for Dongwan, around half raised.

Andy said that Minwoo went to visit him. They went for a drink. That place was rather near Eric's filming site(during his SMW filming period) When he was eating, he suddenly receive Eric's text message, saying that he knows where Andy is and also mentioned the place Andy is dining at, where he was sitted and also what food he was eating. Andy exclaimed that it was scary! Eric sent another message to ask Andy to turn around. Eric was there giving a "ORZ" expression(i dont know how to describe this)

He mentioned about his military days too.

MC asked him what he planned to do after his discharge. He said that initially he wanted to go for a trip with his family etc... but till now he have not done any.

Ask why he did not cry during his discharge. He replied that he wanted to look more suave, more manly so he cant cry. Moreover he had already been through military.

Mentioned that people let him choose SNSD, WG, Miss A, T-ara and many more girl groups posters. Others had girl groups posters. He pasted Teen Top.

During military training, Andy had parachuted. Andy said that during the parachuting training, his superior said that he looks like he can parachute very well, so he asked Andy to go parachute.
Andy said that he dont know why he have that "i can parachute well" look.

MC asked what he felt is the most interesting in military. He mentioned none. Military is the toughest.

Games time.

Next is the Guess the Girl Group time. Given pictures and he had to guess which girl group is that. He answered SNSD, Stellar, Miss A quickly. He had to think for a while for the last three girl groups that were shown. He said he knows who they are but he just cant remember the group name.

After that he was asked to guess the number of members in the male groups. He answered correctly in an instant. There were Teen Top, Beast, Shinee, ZE:A. He added "I am not crazy over guy groups."(lol Andy)

3 fans were picked for a question and answer game. The first question was why do they like Andy. Two fans wrote "Cute". Andy himself wrote "Cute" too. One wrote that he is the best in Shinhwa. Andy said that this is really pleasing to hear. and continued that the past 16 years, he always feel that the rest of the members are all very handsome, and he didnt noe why he was chosen. He added that he is always fretting over his single eyelids.

Second question: Andy 10 years later. Fans wrote "Still in Shinhwa and rapping with Eric." "Still the cute Andy". He wrote "married and have 3 kids" and said that 10 years before he was also asked the same question and he answered the same way too but till now he is still solo, still a single man. Also added that he is not cute actually, he wont flare up, and will be expressionless.

Talk about Shinhwa. He greeted fans with the familiar Shinhwa greeting. Also mentioned that Shinhwa has already began their dance practise. When he is back to Korea, he will start recording. (Album in the process!!!! Anticipating!) During dance practices, members all feel that their bodies arent the same as last time. (Age dont lie :p) And they will dance live during Shinhwa's comeback.

Afterwards, he danced T.O.P, Only One, Wild Eyes.

Sang 짝사랑.

Games time again.

Ended the fanmeet with Love Song and Propose.

translated based on fanaccount on Andytheworld @ weibo

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Andy 18.12.11 Japan Fanmeet Fan Account
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