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 [19.12.11] Liveworks CEO Tweet: HyeSung's album

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PostSubject: [19.12.11] Liveworks CEO Tweet: HyeSung's album   Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:25 pm

LIVEWORKS CEO: The jacket for Hyesung's new album "embrace", to be released on the 27th, will not contain any pictures, something that was decided after discussion with Hyesung.
The jacket will only contain images expressing the meaning of each song and lyrics.
We ask for understanding in advance from those fans who were waiting not only for the new music, but also new pictures.

This album means two things to Hyesung.

The first is an end of the year present by Hyesung to fans who have sent in much love despite that there has been virtually no exposure other than concerts.

The second is shown by the fact that, as written in the official album blog and news articles, all of the songs have been written and produced by Mate's Im Heon Il and many great indie artists have joined in the album's production.
You will notice this when you listen to the album, but the seven tracks, all of different genres, connect together as if they are one.
We started working on this album wishing to make an album with a definite concept ever since its first designing stages, and we believe the result somewhat lives up to this goal.
Hyesung has already showcased a concept album before in the "He Said, She Said" album with Lyn, but the aim of the upcoming album is to connect the music Hyesung wishes to aim for in the future with one story that pierces through the entire album, in a concept album with a distinct color.
You sometimes give Hyesung your unending trust and love, and sometimes smarting pointers and advice, and your evaluation of Hyesung's new challenge will be a great help in determining the direction of his future music.

As this album is the start of Hyesung's new musical challenge, which makes it a more special album than any others, we hope you send us much of your love and advice.

We hope this special album lasts in your and Hyesung's memory literally as a special album.

Next year we will work harder to repay you for your love and interest with more diverse types of activities and exposure.

credit: @shinbiz for translations
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[19.12.11] Liveworks CEO Tweet: HyeSung's album
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