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 [19.12.11] Andy promises that Shinhwa’s return will be epic

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PostSubject: [19.12.11] Andy promises that Shinhwa’s return will be epic    Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:27 pm

n December 18th, Shinhwa‘s Andy met with fans at the Yamano Hall for his first Japanese fan meet, ‘PROMISE‘.

It was the first time in a year and 11 months since reuniting with his fans, and he greeted them by kicking off the event with a performance of “Your Love“. Fans ecstatically welcomed his return and listened intently as he talked about his military service.

He stated, “I had a picture of SNSD on my cubby, but I gave that cubby away to actor Yoo Gun.”

Andy also talked a bit about Shinhwa’s comeback next year, revealing that the members had begun dance practice and that they were soon going to begin recording songs.

Concluding the event, he stated, “I’ve made wonderful memories today with you all. I kept my promise of coming to see everyone after my discharge. From now on, I won’t ever leave your side. Because there is Shinhwa, there is Andy, and soon we will unveil a stunning promotion that shows why Shinhwa is a legend.”

Source + Photos: YNA via Naver
credit: allkpop
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[19.12.11] Andy promises that Shinhwa’s return will be epic
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