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 Shin Hye Sung "돌아와줘 Come Back"

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PostSubject: Shin Hye Sung "돌아와줘 Come Back"   Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:08 am

Thank you for being there in those memories that cant be erased
Always faithfully holding on
Till today I cant forget you
Singing the song that we used to sing together

Can you feel If only you could feel my heart
Come back to me right now
The sorrowful days will all pass(disappear)

Understand that my heart is too cramped to be fully occupied by you
Would be so small so uneasy
I am still thinking one day
If we could start all over again

Can you feel If only you could feel my heart
Come back to me right now
Your gaze, smile filled my heart
When are you able to stay by my side
Singing with all my heart
Can you feel

(Forever by my side)

Your gaze filled my heart(Your smile)
when will it shine brightly
(Just like before when we were together )
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Shin Hye Sung "돌아와줘 Come Back"
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